Professor Robert Lustig in Parliament on Sugar

To a packed Committee room in the House of Lords on Wednesday 9 July 2014 Professor Robert Lustig outlined his strategy on Sugar. The meeting was Chaired by Baroness Floella Benjamin.

Valerie said:

“Professor Lustig said that action has to be taken on Sugar and that it needs society to intervene. He said that the food industry profit margin has increased by 1% – 5% since obesity increase profits with a legal substance. 13% of children have fatty liver disease: -too much sugar and fructose is metabolised in the liver and turns to a fatty liver – this is hurting children.”:

“He said the problem is processed food. In the diet there is too little fibre; micro nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids and too much Trans fat, Omega 6 alcohol sugar and salt. We need to eat real food not processed food. He said in India 12% of the population had Diabetes. He said the people were not obese, they were thin so this is not about obesity. He said there needs to be a strategy of carrots and sticks. For example subsidising broccoli and putting a tax on the harmful substances. If you reduce the availability of something you reduce its consumption.”

Professor Lustig suggested we watch fedupmovie.