Prospect pioneers at the Royal Society

On Tuesday 10 December 2013 Valerie spoke at ‘Prospect Pioneers’, an event organised by prospect union at the Royal Society at the launch of a calendar highlighting women’s role in scince.

Valerie said:

“The Calender for 2014 featured women who are employed in science roles and shows how varied these jobs can be. From the Highways Agency to the National Physics Laboratory. The Deputy Director Martyn Sene,of the NPL reminded us that The UK leads as the country with the most accurate delivery dose in radiotherapy.”

” Helen Wollaston, Director of Wise Campaign UK was also there. One of my fist campaigns in Parliament was to try save the grant for United Kingdom resource Centre for Women in Science. The organisation has become WISE UK and continues to campaign to encourage girls and women in STEM subjects Their target is 13% to 30 % by 2020.”

“In Parliament I raise the issue with Questions Early Day motions and I held an Adjournment Debate on 13 June 2012 as well as a PMQ. Currently only 1 in 20 of working women are employed in Science Engineering and Technology compared with 1 in 3 men. My current campaign is to celebrate the success of those women who have been ignored for their great contribution to Science such as Dorothy Hodgkin and Rosalind Franklin.”

” We need to look at ways in which women in academia can be recognized by
removing the upper age limit on Career Advancement grants to give flexibility; Funding or fellowships for part-time positions which will encourage women to have flexible working arrangements; Grants or support for returners supporting the work of the Daphne Jackson Trust.”

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