Criminal Justice and Courts Bill – Scrutiny Session Tuesday 18 March 2014

On Tuesday 18 March 2014, the committee held a scrutiny session with the with the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice.

Valerie said:

“I asked the Minister what position he has reached in his discussions on the code of practice with the Information Commissioner, and when is it likely to be published? The Minister could not give me a date but he agreed with me that the consultation is important. Clause 6 of the Bill provides for compulsory electronic monitoring conditions to apply to offenders who are released from custody subject to conditions. The Minister told me how they have the opportunity to take advantage of technological advances which make it possible to track offenders effectively in the community.”

“I asked the Minister if the design of secure colleges could be used to provide appropriate accommodation for different age groups. The Minister gave me his assurance that they will consider the issue carefully when they go on to design specifics.”

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