Redundant Parking Meters on Ablewell Street to be Removed

Valerie said:

“For two years, alongside local businesses, we campaigned for the removal of on-street parking charges. These charges were removed from Ablewell Street in December 2013, but the parking meters have been left in place. Businesses reported to me that while the removal of charges had been helpful, numerous customers had told them that they had not realised free parking was available because of the presence of parking meters.”

“I wrote to Walsall MBC asking for the parking meters to be removed at the soonest possible opportunity and that new signage be displayed to make motorists aware of the availability of 2 hours free parking. Walsall MBC has now responded that it will install new signage and remove the meters during the week commencing Monday 18 March 2013.”

“This is fantastic news. It shows clearly the effectiveness of our campaigning over the past two years and I am pleased the Council have listened to businesses.”

“Since the removal of charges business have reported an increase in trade and I hope that businesses on Ablewell Street will go strength to strength.”