Royal Institution will remain at 21 Albemarle Street

The Royal Institution have announced that they have secured their long term future which will allow the charity to remain at their historic home at 21 Albemarle Street.

Valerie said:

“I supported the Royal Institution remaining in their current building in Albemarle Street when there was a possible threat that the building may have been sold. I tabled an Early Day Motion praising the Ri’s work, and calling on the Government to ensure the legacy of the Ri in their current home. I also met with the Minister David Willetts to raise the issue.”

“I was pleased when Dr Gail Cardew, the Director of Science and Education at the Ri, informed me that for the foreseeable future the Institution would remain at 21 Albemarle Street. This is great news. The text of my early day motion which sets out the history of this great place is here: “

Early day motion 944 – The Royal Institution, 21 Albermarle Street:

“That this House is concerned that The Royal Institution (RI) may be selling the building at 21 Albemarle Street; notes that this was the workplace of Sir Humphry Davy and Michael Faraday and other leading British scientists; further notes that this is the place where 10 elements were discovered and where Michael Faraday first demonstrated the power of electricity; is concerned that The RI, which is a focus for children’s first experience in science particularly with the Christmas lectures founded by Michael Faraday in 1825, may be lost; welcomes the fact that interest in science is on the increase among girls and boys; and calls on the Government to ensure that The RI’s legacy of Britain’s contribution to science continues and remains in the building at 21 Albemarle Street as the place for discovery, innovation, inspiration and imagination.”

More information about the Royal Institution can be found here: