Sakineh Ashtiani released

Valerie Vaz, Member of Parliament for Walsall South, welcomes the release of Sakineh Ashtiani from an Iranian prison.

Valerie Vaz MP said:

“I welcome the report from Reuters that Sakineh Ashtiani has been released from an Iranian prison. I have today written to the Foreign Secretary to ask for confirmation of her release and to request information about the terms of her release. I raised Mrs Ashtiani’s situation just after I was elected as an MP. I asked the Prime Minister in PMQs on 15 September 2010 to raise her case with the Iranian Government as she was facing being stoned to death.”

“I tabled an EDM on 19 July 2010 to raise awareness of her case. On 28 October 2010 in a letter signed by 119 MPs, I wrote to the President of Iran on behalf of Parliamentarians to ask for the release of Mrs Ashtiani. Following international pressure her sentence was reduced to 10 years imprisonment at the end of 2010.”

“I have tabled an EDM which calls on the Government to apply further pressure on the Iranian Government to outlaw the practice of stoning and other forms of the death penalty, flogging or imprisonment for those women convicted of “adultery”, which is a violation of any and all definitions of human rights.”

Further Information:

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