SEND Reform England

S.E.N.D Reform England is a campaign group formed by 12 mothers of children with additional needs and disabilities across England.  They have talked to parents about provision over the last 8 months and have seen the stress and pressure on children and families. At a drop in organised by Clive Lewis MP, the group came to Parliament to speak to MPs in the Jubilee Room. I met with members of the organisation on Tuesday 16 January 2024.

 Their aims:

  1. More SEN schools, SEN provisions and SEN friendly resources within mainstreams;
  2. ECHP deadlines to be met and adhered to;
  3. Adequate SEND training for teaching staff;
  4. Improvement plans and safety values to be revoked with new focus being placed on delivering better quality rather than value
  5. Post 16 offer to be more robust and inclusive with a centralised policy on transport;
  6. Dedicated Minister for SEND education.

To find out more about the organisation visit: