Skills and Post-16 Education Bill, Lords Message

The Skills and Post-16 Education Bill seeks to reform these areas of education. This includes the replacement of existing Level 3 vocational qualifications such as BTECs with new T-Levels. The Government had initially planned to withdraw BTECs as soon as possible, but has since delayed these plans by a year. On Monday 28 March 2022, the Commons received a message from the Lords regarding the Bill. 

The Government motion was to disagree with the Lords Amendment in question. As such, an ‘Aye’ vote is to remove the amendment, and a ‘No’ vote is to retain the amendment.

Lords Amendment 15B would require BTECs and other Level 3 vocational qualifications to remain available for three years, and one further year unless public consultation has been undertaken and employer representative bodies have consented. The Government do not appear to fully recognise the value of existing qualifications, and the detriment to young people which may result from an inadequate transition period. I voted against the motion, which passed, Ayes: 280 and Noes: 152.