Skills and Post-16 Education Bill Report Stage

The Skills and Post-16 Education Bill seeks to reform these areas of education. Measures include allowing Employer Representative Bodies for an area to create Local Skills Improvement Plans.

On Monday 21 February 2022 I voted on the Bill at Report Stage.

New Clause 14 This new clause would facilitate cross-sector recognition of skills and training between the oil and gas sector and the renewable energy sector. This is integral to ensuring that oil and gas workers have access to renewable energy jobs during the nationwide energy transition. I voted to support this New Clause, which did not pass, Ayes:154 and Noes:298.

Amendment 14  would ensure that Employer Representative Bodies will not just consult but reach agreement with metro Mayors, Local Enterprise Partnerships and local authorities prior to the publication of their Local Skills Improvement Plans. This will improve the quality and representativeness of the plans. I voted to support this amendment, which did not pass, Ayes: 154 and Noes: 298. 
Amendment 13 would require every school to provide face to face careers guidance for every pupil and two weeks’ worth of compulsory work experience for every registered pupil. I  Ayes: I voted to support this amendment, which did not pass, 158 and Noes: 291.