Srebrenica Memorial Day

I commemorated Srebrenica Memorial Day on Sunday 11 July 2021, a day in which we pay tribute to the victims of the Bosnian genocide by remembering the consequences of hatred and send a clear message to future generations to say “Never Again”.

The Srebrenica Genocide was the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War in which over 8,000 Muslims were systematically murdered in the town of Srebrenica, Bosnia simply because of their Muslim identity. We remember the thousands who lost their lives and the survivors whose stories continue to serve as a reminder of the horrors they faced.

Each year, Remembering Srebrenica UK selects a theme that not only reflects an aspect of the genocide that must be commemorated, but also speaks to communities in the UK. The theme for this year is ‘Rebuilding Lives’ to honour the two million people who were displaced as a result of the genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Remembering Srebrenica is a charity committed to educating young people about the Srebrenica genocide and the valuable lessons that we must learn for our own communities. They have have developed a range of free resources which are available for free here: Learn | Remembering Srebrenica