Stafford Road Residents’ Meeting

I arranged a meeting on Thursday 25 June 2015 for residents of Stafford Road to put their views to representatives of Centro and National Express, Jon Hayes and Jack Kelly after two new bus routes were added to the road including a double decker bus.

Stafford Road is a quiet residential side street and residents are rightly angry that the high frequency 79 service which uses double decker buses has been added to the road as well as the 34. There are already two other bus services using Stafford Road.

We were able to tell the representatives of Centro and National Express about the problems caused by the new bus routes including noise and vibrations as the buses pass over speed humps, buses mounting the pavement as they cannot get past parked cars, buses getting stuck when they cannot pass each other and the invasion of privacy from double decker buses parked outside first floor windows.

I was pleased that the representatives from Centro and National Express West Midlands committed to looking again at which bus routes travel along Stafford Road and will come back to me with a number of possible alternatives.