Statement on Gaza

Valerie has issued this statement on Gaza:

“Many of you have contacted me about the terrible situation in Gaza, more than on any other issue. It was unacceptable for Israel to bomb a UN school. The loss of life of innocent people and particularly children should be condemned. The UN has rightly done so as a breach of international humanitarian law. There is no justification for the ongoing attacks and absurd to tell people to leave their homes when they have nowhere else to go. There must be international pressure for an immediate ceasefire. This is also a breach of international law.”

“I have written to the Foreign Secretary about this issue and await his reply. I have also signed EDM 204 on the Destruction of Palestinian homes by Israel. The EDM calls on the Government to oppose these policies and to pressure the State of Israel and ensure accountability for any violations that occur.”

“During my Maiden Speech to Parliament in 2 June 2010, I condemned the raid on the Gaza flotilla and called for the blockade to be lifted. Aid and construction materials could have been allowed in under the supervision of the EU and the UN.”

“On Friday 1 August 2014, there was a Rally and Vigil for Gaza at the Crossing at St Paul’s in Walsall arranged by Eric Frankham. There have been many such vigils throughout the UK in the memory of the innocent dead.”

“I hope the 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that was agreed on Tuesday morning holds indefinitely to allow further discussions in Egypt to end the four-week war. It is now more important than ever that the international community acts to get both sides to uphold this renewed ceasefire, and to re-establish meaningful negotiations to achieve a two-state solution. Everyone should be allowed to live in peace. “