Sunday Trading Bill

“I am delighted that the Government was defeated and Sunday Trading laws remain unchanged. I signed an amendment tabled by David Burrowes MP to the Enterprise Bill to remove the extension of Sunday trading laws. The Bill in its original form would have caused a domino effect of longer working hours on Sunday across the country.This was an important amendment as the UK already has some of the longest trading hours in Europe, with over 150 shopping hours a week. This result was also a triumph for democracy as a staggering 67% of the British Public oppose extending Sunday trading hours.

“Major issues of concern were the threat to family life and an unfair targeting of those on low-incomes. Around 3 million staff in retail would have lost out on precious weekend time with their families. Under the current law, retail staff say that they already face pressure from their employer to work on Sundays. A relaxation of Sunday trading laws would have significantly increased pressure on those not wanting the extra hours.”
“There was widespread opposition to the Government’s proposals. The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) and various Churches have campaigned to keep Sunday special. For the first time, senior Roman Catholic, Church of England, Church in Wales, Methodist, United Reform Church and Salvation Army figures issued a joint statement opposing the Government’s plans.”


I am particularly concerned that the Government have not learnt lessons when these measures were implemented during the Olympics in 2012. There was a clear decline in sales and small stores lost their boost that they normally receive on Sundays. The Government’s inability to recognise the economic failings of the Bill have resulted in a defeat.”


“The vote was a defeat of the Government by Ayes: 317 : Noes :286. The amendment deleted the provision form the Bill and now the Government have said they will not bring back the issue of Sunday Trading. A victory for retail workers, families and to those who want to Keep Sunday Special.”


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