Supporting the GMB campaign for Equal Pay

I supported the GMB campaign for Equal Pay for Asda workers on Friday, 3 November, outside the Asda St. Matthews Superstore alongside Tom Warnett, the National GMB Political Officer. Equal pay is a priority for the GMB Union, and it is an issue that I have campaigned on for many years. That’s why women workers across the country are organising with GMB and campaigning for pay justice.

ASDA retail workers deserve to be treated fairly. GMB believes that workers in ASDA stores, who are mainly women, do work of equal value to those working in distribution, who are mainly men. But ASDA pays distribution workers up to £3 more an hour than those in store. That cannot be right, and thousands of ASDA workers have submitted legal claims against ASDA demanding equal pay.

If they win, they will get backdated pay as compensation, and ASDA will have to pay their retail workers fairly from that moment on. But we can’t just rely on the courts; ASDA workers need to campaign and keep the pressure on the company to treat them fairly.

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