The Commons votes against prorogation of Parliament

The House of Commons voted on several Lords Amendments to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill on Thursday 18 July 2019.

Lords amendment 1 was amended in the Commons to limit the ability of the Government to prorogue Parliament around the time the UK leaves the EU in order to facilitate a no-deal Brexit.

I voted in favour of the Lords amendment 1 as amended (Ayes: 315, Noes: 273).

The Government then lost a vote on the motion that the House “disagrees with Lords Amendment 1, as amended”, which I voted against (Ayes: 273, Noes: 315).

This means that any attempt by the next Prime Minister to deny Parliament a say in the Brexit process to force a no-deal EU exit has been made less likely.

I then voted in favour of the rest of the Lords amendments (2-18) (Ayes: 328, Noes: 65).