The Como Well-being Manifesto

I was delighted to meet Professor Richard Layard who was launching the Well Being Manifesto which sets out to include:

1. Measurement: All Governments, employers and schools should be measuring the wellbeing of those they affect at least once a year.  

2. Government: The Goal of Government should be to sustainably increase the wellbeing of citizens choosing those policies which are most cost-effective in terms of wellbeing. 

3. Business: The purpose of business should be to sustainably improve the wellbeing of their employees, customers, suppliers as well as shareholders. 

4. Schools: The main aim of educators should be to enhance the present and future wellbeing of their pupils using evidence to achieve this.

5. Individuals: We should all be trying to create the most wellbeing in the world and the least misery.

I encourage all my constituents to sign the Manifesto at

Well-Being Manifesto Stats-cropped

Wellbeing rankings: The rankings in columns with the Walsall figures are:

Life satisfaction:7.4  

Anxiety: 3.3 


Things done in life are worthwhile: 7.7

Well-Being Manifesto Walsall Fig-cropped

And the Wellbeing ranking for Walsall comes in the bottom third of all local authorities. 

Professor Layard has had a longstanding interest and has promoted wellbeing as an important factor of GDP.