The Governance Select Committee Publish Report

On Wednesday 17 December 2014 the House of Commons Governance Committee, which Valerie is a member published their report on House of Commons Governance.

Valerie said:

“The Committee was set up after the Speaker’s announcement to pause the process of appointing a new Clerk of the House and Chief Executive, following the retirement of the former Clerk in July 2014. The Committee also considered the governance of the House of Commons including the future allocation of the responsibilities for House services currently exercised by the Clerk of the House and Chief Executive. The Clerk of the House is the principal constitutional adviser to the Commons, and adviser on all its procedure and business.”

“The Committee met over nine weeks. I was pleased that people were engaged in how the House is run. This is the first Member-led investigation into how the Commons itself is run for 40 years. The Committee have heard evidence from MPs, as well as staff from all Departments of the House.”

“The recommendations in the Report show a commitment to openness, clarity and transparency. The Report sets out a coherent management and strategic leadership structure. The Member and official elements will be properly integrated for the first time. Clarity is brought to the respective roles of Members and officials. Taken together, our proposals provide a framework which enable the House of Commons to operate more effectively and efficiently and provide reinforcement to the development of a unified House Service.”

The Report can be read here: