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The Women’s Institute have today produced and published on 26 March 2024 an important report on “Understanding the Experiences of Autistic and ADHD women.

I spoke to Pippa Simov about her experience. There is an under diagnosis. Between 150,000 and 500,000 people aged 20 to 49 years old may be autistic but undiagnosed. Between 250,000 and 600,00 autistic people over the age of 50 may be undiagnosed more than 9 in 10 of all autistic people. 

It is estimated that the most common age for women to be diagnosed with ADHD is late 30s to early 40s compared to aged 7 for boys. 

The report makes some important recommendations for healthcare professionals and employers. It was a vote on a resolution that WI members wanted to shine a spotlight on an issue that is unrecognised or ignored. The report should inform tangible changes for the future. I look forward to seeing real change on this issue for women and girls.