Trade Union Regulations 2022

On Wednesday, 26  January 2022 the Government quietly brought new Trade Union laws to a vote in the House of Commons without debate.

Trade Unions are institutions our country should be proud of. By weakening Unions, the Government are denying more people the security, prosperity and respect in their jobs that all workers deserve.

The Levy Payable to the Certification Officer Regulations impose a new tax on Trade Unions to pay for their regulator (the Certification Officer) to investigate complaints against Unions. The Institute of Employment Rights has estimated that the tax could be up to £30 million, completely disproportionate for a regulator which only received 34 complaints last year. 

I voted against the Regulations, which passed, Ayes: 298 and Noes: 176.

The Power of the Certification Officer to Impose Financial Penalties Regulations enable the Certification Officer to impose greater fines. Again, these are disproportionate measures given that no complaints proceeded to enforcement action last year.

I voted against the Regulations, which passed, Ayes: 297 and Noes: 182.