Ukraine Update

On 26 January 2023 Defence Minister Alex Chalk MP made a statement to the House of Commons on plans for the UK, the US and Germany to send tanks to Ukraine. 

I asked a question to the Minister:

‘Does the Minister agree that we should strongly support the comments of the Secretary-General of NATO when he says that this is an important time to end the Russian tyranny and to remind people that Ukrainians are the victims? They did not ask to be invaded and we should support them until the end.’

The Minister responded:

‘I do, and the right hon. Lady paraphrases it very well. Those of us who look at history can look back at all sorts of conflicts and sometimes it is quite difficult to work out what the war aims were, but there is nothing complicated about this case. This is a war of invasion and a war of aggression; it is an attempt to demonstrate that the international rule of law does not matter at all and that might is always right. This nation will always stand up for basic principles of international law and justice. That is why the Ukrainians find in us a staunch ally.’

I am pleased to see that the Government is firm in its support to Ukraine and its people. It is the responsibility of the Government to stand up for the principles of the rule of law, international law and justice.