Valerie and Michael Dugher MP launch extended bus services to Beacon Heights

On Thursday 12 March 2015, Valerie and the Shadow Transport Secretary, Michael Dugher MP, launched additional evening and new Sunday bus services for residents of Beacon Heights.

Valerie said:

“I was delighted to launch the new services on the 25 bus route with the Shadow Transport Secretary, Michael Dugher MP. Centro has listened to my representations and the views of residents and has provided £15,000 worth of funds to operate the additional services on a trial basis for 4 months. Residents of the Beacon Heights Park Homes site on Pinfold Lane will no longer be cut off from public transport in the evenings and on Sundays.”

“Since the 997 bus service was diverted away from Beacon Road in June 2013 I met with residents and in July 2014 I presented a petition calling for additional services. I also arranged a meeting with Centro and representatives of local Bus Operators which took place in November 2014. This gave residents the opportunity to put their views directly to Centro and the bus operators.”

“Many of the residents of Beacon Heights are elderly and do not drive. The provision of good bus services is essential as residents would have to pay for taxis every time they wanted to go out. Without access to public transport, many residents are effectively stranded at home or unable to return home in the evenings or at large cost. It is vital that everyone has access to public transport at the times they need it.”

Michael Dugher MP said:

“Making sure people have easy access to public transport brings a range of social, economic and environmental benefits. They are a vital lifeline for many. I want local authorities in the West Midlands to have powers to set routes and to introduce smart ticketing with a daily cap across buses and trains, just as exists in London.”

Further information on the 25 is available here.