Valerie and KFF meet with Sports Minister Helen Grant MP

On Monday 27 October 2014 Valerie and representatives of the Khalsa Football Federation (KFF) met with the Minister for Sport, Helen Grant MP to discuss the support available to increase participation in grassroots football and other sports.

Valerie said:

“The KFF carries out important work at the grassroots level of English football, supporting the development of young BAME people since 1987. The KFF work with the Football Association and football clubs such as Chelsea, Derby County, Leicester City and Walsall to run coaching sessions for junior players. This year the KFF have expanded their national tournaments to enable the community to enjoy “taster sessions” to try a range of sports.”

“On 25 May 2014 the KFF held a tournament which I and many people attended in Walsall. Following the tournament I wanted to find out how all tiers of Government could help the organisation who give their time free. So I arranged a meeting with Helen Grant MP, the Minister for Sport. The Minister had made welcome remarks about the positive engagement of women and the BAME community in sport.”

“The meeting was extremely positive and I am very grateful to the Minister who agreed to write to the Regional Directors of Sport England, sported and the local County FAs on behalf of the KFF to build greater links and help increase participation in the local areas.”

More information on the KFF can be found here: