Valerie and Walsall Pensioners’ Convention present bus pass petition to Downing Street

On Wednesday 10 September 2014 Valerie met the Walsall Pensioners’ Convention who presented a petition of over 152,000 signatures to Downing Street, asking for assurances that the bus pass for the over 60s will be retained in its current form.

Valerie said:

“I congratulate the Walsall Pensioners’ Convention for their successful work in getting the signatures of over 152,000 senior citizens for their petition in just three months. This has demonstrated the support for the over 60s bus pass. The pass allows anyone over 60 free off-peak local travel throughout England.”

“Today over 8 million older citizens make use of the pass. Were it to be cut or limited, low-income pensioners across the UK may find themselves stranded with little means of travel. This would risk leaving them socially isolated, cut off from friends and family. The government must maintain the pass in its current form.”