Valerie appears on BBC Sunday Politics West Midlands

On Sunday 24 October, I appeared on BBC West Midlands Sunday Politics. The other guest was Jonathan Gullis MP for Stoke-on-Trent North. 

The discussion started by looking at the rising number in Covid-19 cases and current protective measures. I said that a ‘Plan B’ should be considered with a more localised approach, particularly on measures such as test and trace, in order to tackle the daily increases in cases, hospitalisations and deaths. We need to ensure our frontline workers in the NHS are not further burdened as we head into winter as there is a respiratory disease RSV which is affecting both children and the elderly along with flu and covid. This puts a huge strain on the NHS. 

Other topics included the East Leg of HS2 and newly announced household grants for heat pumps. Whilst the grants are a good initiative, they will only fund 30,000 households a year even though the Government’s target is to fund 600,000 homes a year by 2028.

The last item on the proposals for an airport in Coventry specifically for drones and air taxis, we were asked if we would try it and a 1 word answer, Jonathan said Yes,  I said No – I should have added “it won’t fly”!

You can view BBC Sunday Politics West Midlands here here