Valerie raises the deportation of criminals

At my surgery  I spoke to a constituent who had been a victim of an attempted murder. The criminal had indefinite leave to remain and in my view contributes nothing to this country. It should be a matter for his first country to deal with him. At Justice questions an opportunity came up to ask the Minister to look at this case.


Valerie Vaz: My constituent was stabbed by a criminal who was given an indefinite hospital order. In my view, he should be deported. If I write to the Minister, will he look at the case to see that justice is done for my constituent?


Dominic Raab: Those kinds of cases are very serious and very traumatic for the family. I am very sympathetic, and the hon. Lady should please feel free to write to me. All I would say to Opposition Members is that when we come to consider human rights reform, I hope that on the substance we can enlist as much support across the House as possible.