Valerie asks about the availability of loans for Small Business

On Thursday 20 December 2012 at Business, Innovation and Skills Questions Valerie asked the Secretary of State about how busineses can access loans to help grow their businesses.

Valerie asked:

“My constituent Sally Hares runs a business, Hare’s Moor, which repackages fresh products for making curries. She cannot access a loan of £5,000 for a repackaging machine. Will the Secretary of State meet her to find out which fund she can access so that she can grow her business?”

The Secretary of State replied:

“I will certainly ensure that the hon. Lady and her constituent get good advice on the range of opportunities available to them. This is somewhat removed from the immediate concerns in establishing the bank, but she legitimately raises an important issue; many small companies cannot get credit.”

You can read the exchange in Hansard here:

Further information about Sally Hares’ company Hare’s Moor can be found here: