Questions on the Review on the death of Pat Finucane

On 5 December 2012 Valerie raised the issue of justice for the family of Pat Finucane at Northern Ireland Questions.

Valerie asked:

“It seems that we take a long time to bring justice to grieving families, and I am surprised that the Government have been involved in checking the de Silva report. How does she intend to bring justice for the death of Pat Finucane, given that the family have not been involved in the review?”

The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland said:

“I strongly believe that the de Silva review will reveal the truth. It has been a very serious exercise. One reason the Prime Minister and my predecessor chose the review process, as opposed to a public inquiry, was the experience of public inquiries taking many years. It would not have been right to wait that long or for the family to have to wait another 12 years to get to the truth. The truth is what counts, and I am sure that the de Silva review will reveal it next week.”

You can read the full exchange here: