Valerie asks the Prime Minister his views on Europe

On the 17 December 2012 Valerie questioned the Prime Minister during his Statement on the European Council.

Valerie asked:

“Will the Prime Minister clarify whether, if he does not get his preferred position on renegotiation, he would consider leaving the European Union?”

The Prime Minister replied:

“As I have said, I think that Britain will do best if we can maintain not just our access to the single market, but, crucially, our ability to help set the rules of that single market. That is where I part company with those people who want to leave altogether, because it seems to me that it is absolutely vital that a nation that is as reliant on trade and that is as open as Britain does not just have access to those markets, but helps write the rules of those markets as well. That is the future we should seek.”

You can read the exchange in Hansard here: