Valerie attends Darlaston Town (1874) FC AGM

“On Tuesday 14 April 2015 I attended Darlaston Town (1874) FC AGM at Bentley Leisure Pavilion.”

“At the AGM Neil Chambers gave a report which highlighted how the club has survived under his leadership with fantastic support from Bob Jones, the Vice Chair, all the directors and supporters. Darlaston Town receives attendances of between 30-50 for their home games.”

“It is great news that Darlaston Town will move in to their new home at Bentley Leisure Pavilion for the start of next season following other ground improvements. This is a positive step forward for the club that reformed a year ago.”

“The hard work of Neil Chambers to have Darlaston Town re-enter the West Midlands Regional League has paid off. I was pleased to arrange a meeting in Parliament with Neil, the FA and myself in November 2013, after I wrote to the Chairman of the Football Association Greg Dyke in September 2013. I also donated a Liverpool FC shirt signed by Kenny Dalglish to the auction in April 2014 to raise fund for the Club for this current season.”

“The clubs motto is ‘We’re not just a Football Club we’re a community club’ and this is seen in the way Darlaston is supporting the local community. Everything is done locally from the catering and laundry to the production of the clubs mugs. I brought a Darlaston Town mug at the AGM and they are available along with many other items from the club.”

“David Owen, of Rubery Owen, was at the AGM and the company is a sponsor of the Club. Rubery Owen is a local company at the forefront of automotive component technology, and have provided parts for many of the cars made in Britain. They have provided brilliant support to the Club.”

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