Valerie backs British Farming at National Farmers Union event

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has tremendous implications for British agriculture. We’re now presented with a blank canvas for a domestic agricultural policy which is an opportunity for Parliament to shape a prosperous future for farming in this country. There are 11 farms in Walsall South which will be effected.


On Tuesday 5 July 2016, I attended a reception in Westminster on British agriculture after the EU referendum result. The NFU event in was a great opportunity to talk about the future of farming outside the EU. Farmers in Walsall work hard to produce high-quality food and manage our beautiful countryside and they need assurances that the UK government will provide them with the support they need to increase their competitiveness, profitability and productivity as we move forward.


I signed the NFU’s post-referendum pledge to Back British Farming and as a member of the EFRA Select Committee, I will help ensure that we build a domestic agricultural policy which is adapted to our needs, easy to understand and simple to administer.


The farming sector, the bedrock of the UK’s largest manufacturing industry, food and drink, is worth £108 billion. NFU President, Meurig Raymond, said it is important that agriculture is part of the political conversation right from the start of talks on new domestic policies.


Food security is not a party-political issue. It is vital that farmers continue to feed the UK, and play a part in feeding the world.