Valerie attends Association of Colleges Gold Awards

It was a pleasure to attend to the AoC Gold Awards reception hosted by Kelvin Hopkins MP and with an inspiring opening speech by Peter Kyle MP on Wednesday 8 June 2016.


The AoC Gold Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of successful and influential people who have attended further education and sixth form colleges. The awards have been running annually since 2000 but the first AoC Gold Awards were presented in 1996. The aim is to highlight the breadth and depth of talent among further education alumni and to celebrate the impact that colleges have had on the lives of their students.


The winners of the AoC Gold Award winners 2016 are Jill Scott, Charleine Wain, Niall McKenna, Malorie Blackman, John Spencer, Jamal Edwards & Reggie Yates.


As well as honouring college alumni, each nominating college of a Gold Award winner is asked to nominate a Future Star. These are current students who have similar career aspirations as the winner. The Future Stars are invited along to the Gold Awards presentation and have a chance to meet their winner to find out what it takes to carve out a career and how the college can help achieve that success.


Pictured above is Andy Slaughter Labour MP for Hammersmith, Deen Goss a Future Star from Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College, and the mother of Deen Goss.