Valerie attends the 25th Anniversary of the Shree Ram Mandir Temple in Walsall

I was delighted to attend the 25 year celebrations of the inception of the Shree Ram Mandir temple in Ford street on Friday 27 May 2016. There was a week of celebrations at the Temple- among the events was the reading form the Bhagwad Gita by a Hindu scholar. The temple also held health and well being events with workshops by the medical and healthcare professionals.


I met members of the congregation and spoke about my work as the MP and how to raise issues with me. I explained the upcoming referendum on whether we should Remain or leave the European Union (EU). A number of people raised the issue of being unable to access timely GPs appointments. I said I was concerned that the service for mental health was closed at Apnar Ghar. The event was a great success and that evening there was a community meal. I wish the Temple all the best in the ensuing years. A well established and vital part of the community that serves Walsall.