Valerie attends Grenfell United briefing in Parliament

I attended an event at Speaker’s House to mark two years since the Grenfell Tower disaster. The horrific fire on 14 June 2017 claimed 72 lives.

At the event, Grenfell United, the main community of survivors and bereaved families spoke about the need to improve the safety of other buildings across the country. They have made it clear that the deaths as a result of the fire were completely avoidable, and are asking for the following to prevent future tragedies:

  • A new, separate ‘consumer protection’ regulator to protect tenants to change the culture of social housing.
  • Immediate removal of dangerous cladding – thousands of people still live in dangerous buildings.
  • Improved fire safety regimes.
  • Freedom of Information extension to cover tenant management organisations and housing associations.
  • Public Authority (Accountability) Bill to be brought in to provide parity of arms and a duty of candour.
  • Justice and change – the Government should implement the recommendations of the Grenfell Inquiry in full.

Care and support for those affected by the tragedy should also be provided for many years to come.

Forensic analysis prepared for the police shows that fundamental errors made during the 2014-16 refurbishment of Grenfell Tower greatly increased the fire risk. The Council and the tenants’ management organisation ignored repeated warnings from residents about fire safety.

You can find out more about Grenfell United here. []