Valerie attends Gurdwara on West Bromwich Road

I was delighted to attend the Gurdwara on West Bromwich Road on Sunday 2 February 2020. Following my re-election, I wanted to thank the Sikh community for their support.

I mentioned that we had the similar values of Seva and Langar: selfless service, the importance of equality and sharing of food. I will continue to work with the Gurdwara and raise issues on their behalf.

After I spoke, I was presented with a Siropa which I was honoured to receive. This was given to me as a mark of honour by the priest at the Gurdwara.

On 19 April 2020 there will be a procession for the Vaisakhi. I mentioned that I am a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Sikhs and encouraged the Gurdwara to affiliate with the group.

After the service, I had a meeting with the General Management Committee.