Valerie attends Law Society Event

On Monday 12 January 2015 Valerie attended the Law Society Dinner for solicitors in Parliament. Valerie was admitted in 1984.

Valerie said:

“The Law Society presented their manifesto to the next Government. They want the next Government to make society fairer, strengthen the UK’s global standing and boost the economy. I was pleased to meet with the President Andrew Caplan and the new Chief Executive and other members of the Law Society. Other parliamentary colleagues also attended. “

“They say that every individual must have effective access to justice, to do this there needs to be an evaluation and if necessary reversing the recent changes to the legal system.”

“The law of England and Wales makes a major contribution to our international reputation and, as a result, to the economy. They suggested further support to the legal profession so it can carry out its work to shape and influence best practice in the rule of law around the world.”

“The UK’s legal services sector employs almost 340,000 people, contributes £20bn to the economy and exports over £4bn of services every year. Support is needed to assist UK law firms’ international growth ambitions, ensure regulation is proportionate and invest in digital infrastructure.”

More information on the work of the Law Society can be found here: