Valerie Attends Meeting of East Walsall Health Action Group

On Friday 9th September, Valerie attended the meeting of the East Walsall Health Action Group at the Collingwood Centre in Pheasey.
The meeting was an opportunity for residents to put their questions to local health bosses, including senior figures from Walsall Manor Hospital. Mr Ben Reid OBE, the Chair of Walsall Healthcare NHS; Richard Kirby the Chief Executive of Walsall Healthcare NHS; The Chief Organisational Officer for Unplanned Care and Stuart Grey, a Non-Executive Member of the Board of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, responded to questions from the floor.
Valerie said:
“I was pleased to attend the meeting of East Walsall Health Action Group. Residents put some challenging questions to senior managers from Walsall Manor Hospital. I hope there can be futher meetings of this sort in other parts of Walsall so that residents can put their views to the people who manage our local hospital.”
Maureen Woodcock MBE, Honarary Secretary of the East Walsall Health Action Group, said:
“Local groups really appreciated that the strategic key players were committed enough to turn out on a Friday night to hear what residents in the East of the borough had to say. It was very heartening to welcome Valerie Vaz MP, who is a member of the Parliamentary Health Select Committee, and who was keen to be involved in all aspects of local health care.”
“These were genuine questions in an unthreatening bottom up situation.”