Valerie attends Parliamentary Farmers’ Market

On 27 June 2018, I met with farmers and NGOs in Parliament to celebrate sustainable farming across the UK. The Farmers’ Market was organised by the environmental coalitions Wildlife and Countryside Link and Greener UK. The coalitions include organisations such as RSPB, National Trust, WWF and RSPCA.

The event showcased nature friendly UK farming produce, explored the reasons why it is essential for the environment to thrive if farming is to do the same, and demonstrated consensus on the need for a strong Agriculture Bill which enables us to use public money to both help farmers and enhance and protect the environment.

At least £2.3 billion per year is needed to pay farmers to support nature. 91% of the UK want the Government to pay farmers to protect nature and 82% want farm subsidies for higher welfare.

I met a farmer from Northern Ireland whose farm lay both in the North and the Republic of Ireland. He was very concerned about a future deal with the EU. I raised his case at Business Questions on 5 July 2018.