Valerie Attends Remembrance Events at Walsall and Darlaston Cenotaphs

On Sunday 11 November 2012, Valerie attended the Remembrance Sunday events at the Cenotaphs in Walsall Town Centre and in Darlaston. Valerie took part in the services and laid wreaths in memory of the fallen.

At Walsall Town Centre, Valerie took part in the Civic Procession from the Council House to the Cenotaph.

Valerie said:

“Remembrance Sunday is an important opportunity to recognise the sacrifices made by members of our armed services while defending our freedom and security.”

“While most people are not old enough to remember the first and second world wars, it is important that we continue our acts of remembrance. Today, thousands of British Service Personnel are deployed on active service in Afghanistan and elsewhere and so the act of Remembrance remains as relevant and important as ever.”

“I was pleased too see so many poeple from Walsall who attended the Cenotaphs at Walsall Town Centre and at Darlaston.”