Valerie attends Walsall College’s Voter Registration Day

“On Wednesday 15 April, Walsall College held a Voter Registration Day. It was fantastic to see and speak to so many young people who are engaging with politics. This was a brilliant initiative by Walsall College who had set up an Electoral Registration Point inside the college so students could register on the day.”

“I spoke to a number of students who were concerned with this Government’s increase in tuition fees to £9,000. A Labour government will reduce tuition fees to £6,000 for all students.”

“The students were also concerned with the NHS. One in four people don’t get to see a GP within a week, waiting lists are at their highest for six years, and more than half of nurses say their ward is dangerously understaffed. A Labour government will invest an extra £2.5 billion in the NHS. I spoke with students who are studying Health and Social Care and I explained the integrated care policy. A Labour Government will end the 15 minute slots for home visits as part of our Time to Care policy. “

“To have a say in the election, individuals have to register to vote by 20 April with their National Insurance number to hand. This is a very quick process and can be done at