Valerie attends Walsall Tennis Club Centenary Tournament

On Saturday 16 June 2012 Valerie attended Walsall Tennis Club’s Centenary Tournament at its premises in Birmingham Road to celebrate 100 years of the Club.


Valerie said:


“I was delighted to attend Walsall Tennis Club’s Centenary Tournament The Club is a wonderful resource which has enabled people from Walsall South to play tennis and compete in local tournaments for generations.”


“I hope many people from Walsall South will be inspired to take up tennis and join the Club. Tennis is an excellent sport for keeping fit, which tests both competitors’ mental and physical endurance.”


“The Lawn Tennis Association’s funding from Sport England was cut by £530,000 for the period 2009 – 2013. At a time when obesity levels are increasing rapidly, it is an odd decision to cut the level of funding to such an important sport particularly as it is accessible to a wide variety of people. We need to find the next Wimbledon Champion, and there is no reason why they should not be from Walsall South. I wish the club every success for the century ahead.”

The Club has been based in Walsall South for the past Century and at its current ground on Birmingham Road since 1918. The Tournament was played with the white balls and wooden rackets that were used for most of the Club’s existence. The competitors dressed in traditional tennis attire from the 1960s.

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