Valerie calls for the abolition of the Severn Crossing tolls

When the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his Budget to Parliament on Wednesday 16 March 2016 he said that the Government will half the Severn Crossing tolls by 2018. At Treasury questions on 7 June 2016, I asked if the Chancellor would go further than this:


Valerie Vaz MP: To help Welsh businesses, will the Chancellor consider abolishing the Severn crossing tolls in 2018, rather than just halving them?


Chancellor of the Exchequer: By halving the tolls, we have taken a significant step to help Welsh businesses and businesses on the other side of the border, while ensuring we have the resources to maintain the bridge without having to draw on the same taxpayers through their tax bill.

The tolls have an effect on people and businesses going into Wales as it costs £6.50 for a car, £13.20 for vans and £19.80 for lorries and buses. In my view this could go directly to the Welsh Assembly.