Valerie calls for contributions to policing inquiry

Valerie is encouraging local people and organisations to contribute to an inquiry launched by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee.  The inquiry will examine the Government’s proposals for policing reform, including the creation of a National Crime Agency, a reduction in bureaucracy, and more effective procurement.


Valerie Vaz MP said:

“This is an important inquiry, and the Home Affairs Select Committee are inviting as many people as possible to submit evidence.  I am encouraging people in Walsall South to let the Committee know their thoughts on current policing and the plans for the future.”


“This is a chance to have your say on what you want the police to do.  You can fill in a survey online or submit written evidence.  Your opinions will be looked at and the inquiry will result in a report that makes recommendations to the Government about the future of policing.”


The online consultation on front-line policing and policing priorities is available at until 17th June.


To submit written evidence, please send an email to [email protected], telling the Committee what you would like to see the police focus on, and what you regard as lower priorities for the police.  Submissions need to be received by 1 June 2011.  More information is available at:


Information about the Inquiry: The New Landscape of Policing

The Home Affairs Committee is holding an inquiry into the new landscape of policing, with the aim of assessing the extent to which the Government’s proposals, as set out in Policing in the 21st Century, will enhance the efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the police.

In particular, the Committee is interested in:


  • What progress has the Government made so far, and what further steps should it take, in driving:

A) More effective procurement in the police service

B) The removal of unnecessary bureaucracy in the police service

C) Greater collaboration between forces and other partners, from both the private and the public sectors?

Which bodies should take on the functions of the National Policing Improvement Agency when it is phased out?

What advantages/disadvantages would the new National Crime Agency, as proposed by the Government in Policing in the 21st Century, have over the existing Serious Organised Crime Agency?

In addition to its principal focus on tackling organised crime, what other functions should the proposed new National Crime Agency undertake on behalf of police forces?  

What should be the governance and accountability arrangements for the proposed new National Crime Agency?

Where in the proposed new landscape would the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre best sit?

What should be the role of ACPO in the new landscape?