Valerie calls on government to release NHS risk register

On 22 February 2012 Valerie urged the Government to publish the transition risk register for the controversial health reorganisation, as recommended by the Information Commissioner.


Valerie Vaz MP said:


“There is a fundamental flaw at the heart of the Government’s decision not to publish the risk register.  The Information Commissioner has deemed this information to be in the public interest but the Secretary of State has chosen to hide it from the public.


 “The Government have already made almost 2000 amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill.  Regional health authorities’ risk registers warn that the Government’s NHS reorganisation may endanger patients, lead to the loss of jobs, and could lead to adverse impacts in patients.


“The Government says the cost of implementing the Bill will be £1.2-£1.3bn.  But experts have said it could cost up to £3bn.  I have asked the Department of Health how much has been spent on NHS reorganisation since the election and they cannot give me an answer.


“I am calling on the Government to publish its transition risk register. The public needs to know that MPs are in possession of all the relevant information before they vote on this legislation.  I have received a great deal of correspondence from my constituents, asking me to vote for the release of the register so that MPs can understand how the Government’s plans will affect us all before they vote on the Bill.


“The Government is asking Parliament to vote for drastic reorganisation of the NHS, but is withholding information about the implications of these changes.  In my view we must be able to make an informed decision. We owe it to our constituents.”


The debate in the House of Commons took place on an opposition motion, which called on the Government to respect the ruling by the Information Commissioner and to publish the risk register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill in order to ensure that it informs public and parliamentary debate.


You can read Valerie’s speech in full by clicking here.