Valerie calls on schools to share their views on the National Funding Formula

I have written to Head teachers in Walsall South to respond to the National Funding Formula Consultation which closes on Wednesday 22 March 2017.


Under the Government’s proposals for a National Funding Formula, 24 out of 38 schools in Walsall South and nearly half of all schools in the country would face a cut in funding.


Figures by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) highlight the impact of the cuts to school funding in Walsall South. The NUT state that the income per pupil in 2015-16 was £4,979, and in 2019-20 this will reduce to £4,489. This is a change of £490 less per pupil.


In March 2016, the Government consulted on the first stage of proposals to introduce a National Funding Formula. In December 2016, the Government launched its second stage which seeks views on how much should be allocated to different formula factors including basic per-pupil funding, a proposal to include a ‘floor’ that will protect schools from any overall reductions beyond 3% per pupil and proposals for the transition to the formula.


I called on the Leader of the House at Business Questions on 23 February 2017 to guarantee that there will be a statement immediately following the consultation.


I have written to Head teachers in my constituency urging them to share their views on the proposals. I also updated Head teachers on the National Audit Office (NAO) report ‘Capital funding for schools’ which found that ‘…free schools are not always located in the areas of greatest demographic need, especially at secondary level…creating spare capacity, which may have implications for schools’ financial sustainability’.


At Business Questions on 2 March 2017 I asked the Leader of the House for a comment on the NAO report and called for a statement on whether funding for free schools represents good value for money for the taxpayer, and whether it will fix the problem of school places.


I encourage teachers, governors, parents and students in Walsall South to complete the online survey on the Schools National Funding Formula Consultation.