Valerie celebrates Goan Association 50 Years of Service to the Community

On Sunday 31st July I attended the Annual Goan Festival at Cranford Community College in Hounslow to celebrate Goan Association (UK) 50 years of service to the Community. Goan Association is a voluntary Association which aims to embrace the culture of Goa while welcoming new traditions.


The event commenced with Holy Mass at 11.00 am celebrated by the Bishop and Priests from the local community. The Festival opened with cultural performances, live bands, stalls and a taste of traditional Goan cuisine.


The festival had a Brazilian theme filled with inflatable palm trees and people dressed in bright colours. I had great fun watching the talented Tropicalia Carnival Band and Parade with King Momo.


The festival attracted not just the Goan Diaspora but from all other communities. There were concerns raised that there was a suggestion that the Coconut Tree which encapsulates not just a symbol of Goa but also has economic benefits. There is a growing awareness of the health properties of the coconut. Concerns were raised that the coconut tree was to be classified as “grass” and therefore land could not be preserved to grow them. The trees must be protected.