Valerie co-hosts a seminar on Improving Educational Outcomes for Pupils with Epilepsy


On Monday 2 July 2012 Valerie co-hosted a seminar with Sam Gyimah MP entitled ‘Getting results for pupils with epilepsy.’  The event was sponsored by the Joint Epilepsy Council and included speakers from various advocacy organizations as well as Emma Parrott, a young person who discussed the impact that Epilepsy has had on her educational progress. 


Valerie said:


“This event is important for raising awareness of the impact of Epilepsy on children and their educational development.  With 500 avoidable deaths per year, better assessment and treatment for children with Epilepsy is critical to helping each child reach their full academic potential.  Hearing Emma share her experience with Epilepsy helps us to recognize that children with Epilepsy are talented individuals and that each child matters.”


Valerie previously introduced a Ten Minute Rule Bill in November 2010, Epilepsy and Related Conditions ( Education and Health ) Bill that asked for immediate referral to a specialist clinician for anyone experiencing a suspected seizure.  It also asked for an annual assessment in schools to identify the additional needs of children with Epilepsy and to help them achieve their potential. 


For more information about the Joint Epilepsy Council, click here.