Valerie cuts the ribbon at Pleck Library Community Learning Centre

Valerie said : I was absolutely delighted that Pleck Library is continuing as a Learning Centre in the heart of the community in Pleck. Now families will be able to use the excellent facility without having to travel. it is on their doorstep. 

Walsall College is an outstanding education provider and it is so exciting to have their involvement in this facility given their excellent reputation throughout Walsall. The Learning Centre will give people confidence by enabling them to brush up and learn new skills . My constituents will be able to access knowledge and provide them with a love for life long learning. There were queues outside the Centre which show there is a need for a facility of this kind. Whilst it is not a fully fledged Library there will be a Book Exchange and who knows if people want it there may well be a Library. I have donated some books and will continue to do so. Nearly 500 adults not counting the children attended the Open Day. People can sign up for courses. If you attended, Walsall College have your details and will be contacting you. 

There was a great atmosphere and after the lockdown this is a fantastic boost to the Community in Pleck.  Here is the link to check out Walsall College website.