Q&A with Teachers at Education Centre

On Tuesday 24 January 2017 I met with 65 teachers at the Parliamentary Education Centre for the Teachers’ Institute, two of the teachers attending were from Barr Beacon School.


I talked about my new role as Shadow Leader of the House in holding Government to account in its overall management of the House, my constituency work, how laws are made and the importance of teaching citizenship in class.


Teachers’ Institute is a unique professional development opportunity for teachers wanting to immerse themselves in Parliament and politics over the course of a week at Westminster.


I met with teachers of Government & Politics, Citizenship and related subjects, and other education professionals who applied to experience an intensive and informative course based at the Houses of Parliament.


The Teachers’ Institute offers:
– A tour of the Palace of Westminster
– The chance to watch debates in the chambers
– Q&A with Members from both Houses
– Informative sessions to improve delegates’ knowledge of Parliament and democracy
– Activities that will help to develop classroom resources
– Networking opportunities


The Teachers’ Institute is open to teachers, trainee teachers and education professionals in the UK.


You can apply for July 2017 Teachers’ Institute here: http://www.parliament.uk/education/teacher-training-cpd-opportunities/teachers-institute/