Valerie ensures 38 Bus Stops at the Manor Hospital

Valerie has welcomed news that the new 38 bus service will now stop on the grounds of Walsall Manor Hospital from 1st January 2012.


Valerie  said:
“Following the successful campaign to reinstate the former 639 bus route from Kings Hill in Darlaston to the Manor Hospital and Walsall town centre, National Express West Midlands reintroduced the route on 24th July 2011 as the 38.”
“During the campaign, residents made it clear to me that one of the main reasons they wanted the route restored was to make it easier for those living in Kings Hill to travel to and from the Manor Hospital. However, owing to the introduction of a red route on Pleck Road, the nearest bus stop to the Hospital is now some distance away on Bridgeman Street.”
“I wrote to the Chief Executive of the Manor Hospital, Richard Kirby and the Chief Executive of National Express West Midlands, Dean Finch to ask them to make arrangements for the 38 bus service to stop on the hospital grounds. It has now been anounced that the 38 bus will stop on the Hospital grounds from 1st January 2011.”
Residents of the Kings Hill estate in Darlaston first contacted Valerie in July 2010 to say that following the withdrawal of the 639 service it had become very difficult to access the Manor Hospital by public transport. Valerie subsequently wrote to the Centro transport authority and local bus operators to request that the service be reinstated. On 13th January 2011, Valerie presented a petition of 119 signatures to Parliament calling for the reinstatement of the service.