Valerie visits Walsall Afro-Caribbean Centre

On Friday 17 October 2014 Valerie visited the Walsall Afro-Caribbean Community Centre on Wolverhampton Road for a ‘meet and greet’ with members.

Valerie said: “I was delighted to be invited to the Walsall Afro-Caribbean Centre by my constituent Mrs Jackson for a ‘meet and greet’ event. The Centre is a wonderful asset for the whole community.”

“The event was well attended by members of the community. There was a brief Q and A. A number of specific issues were raised by people at the event. These included the care of elderly. One person spoke about how the care agency she runs in Walsall has been told that people will not have wet rooms funded so that they can have showers and that it is expected that they will be washed with flannels in bed.”

“Another person raised the inadequacy of 15 minute homecare visits as part of care packages. I was able to give assurances that a future Labour government would move away from 15 minute care which leaves people in need without the necessary help.”

“Other people raised specific issues about support for the Centre. The Centre is in need of funding and I hope to offer suggestions on how to access this vital resource. One suggestion was that there should be better signage for the Centre on Wolverhampton Road.”

“I donated a number of items from SilverStar Diabetes including a pedometer, stress ball and information about diabetes. I also donated gift set of a tie, handkerchief and cufflinks. I hope it is used for a raffle at some time. I am looking forward to the Christmas party which is on the 13 December. There was an wonderful supper which was cooked by the members of the Centre. ”

Valerie at Walsall Afro Caribbean Centre

The Walsall Afro-Caribbean Centre is located at 36, Wolverhampton Road, WS2 8PR.